What is actually insured under an Owners' comprehensive title insurance policy?
What is Covered under a Lender's comprehensive title insurance policy?
How much does it cost?
Why does someone need title insurance when they can rely on their lawyer?
When should I use title insurance?
Will you pay out to both the owner and the bank?
Does the owner need to do anything to prove title defects?
What happens if my property increases in value?
What sort of major title defects are uninsurable?
Do you cover illegal structures?
How do you settle claims? And how long does that take?

We will consider the most cost-effective way to solve the problem and also take into account any specific requirements of the Client. Our options include:

  • We may pay the amount due under the policy.
  • We may prosecute or defend proceedings to clear the claim.
  • We may settle that claim with the third party.
  • We may direct the sale of the property to a third party and recompense the insured for any reduction in the value that results from the defect.

Claims payment times vary based on the type of claim.



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